Why is I-480 West closed?

WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, Ohio — Two police officers were taken to the hospital after an accident occurred Saturday morning on Interstate 480 near Warrensville Center Road.

While police and fire departments responded to the accident, an unrelated vehicle lost control and rammed an officer outside the police cruiser and patrol car, according to Warrensville Police Department officials.

As of Saturday afternoon, one of the officers was in stable condition and the other was treated and discharged.

The accident closed the westbound lane of Interstate 480 near Warrensville Center Road, which has since reopened.

clock: 3News obtained video of the incident below at the request of the Ohio Department of Transportation for public records.

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https://www.wkyc.com/article/traffic/i-480-west-warrensville-center-road-closed-following-crash/95-86e5b257-94f5-49fd-b3de-9d6599d55bca Why is I-480 West closed?

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