Why Would A Psychic Need My Name And Birthday?

It’s a question that has likely crossed your mind at some point: Why would a psychic need my name and birthday? What could they possibly do with that information? Well, as it turns out, there are a few things psychics can do with your name and birthday. In fact, knowing this information can help them give you a more accurate reading. Curious to find out what these things are? Keep reading to learn more.

Why Would A Psychic Need My Name And Birthday?

Psychics are able to tap into the energy that is all around us in order to give people information about their past, present, and future. While most psychics are very good at what they do, there are still some things that might be holding them back, such as the lack of accuracy caused by not knowing a client’s name and birthday.

As it turns out, psychics are much more accurate when they know their clients’ names and birthdates. There are several reasons for this, but the three main reasons can be summarized below. No matter its paid or free online psychic readers both matters you may need name and birthday.

How Do Psychic Readers Get Names and Birthdays Anyway?

It’s not as if psychics go around asking random strangers for their names and birthdates. As a matter of fact, psychic readers are only interested in the people who are there to receive readings. If you’re not sitting down with them during your appointment, then they obviously don’t need to know your name. They also don’t care about your birthday, as long as you share it with them during your psychic session.

 How Do Psychics Benefit From Knowing Names And Birthdays?

There are several benefits to knowing your name and birthday when speaking with a psychic. For example, knowing these two things can help them reduce inaccuracies and build a more accurate psychic profile.

For most psychics, knowing your name allows them to hone in on your energy much more efficiently. This can help them to give you a much better reading because they’ve essentially reduced the number of people they need to be reading and honed in on the person with whom they are communicating.

Knowing your birthday can help psychics build a profile, which is essentially a compilation of information about you as a person that they can use as reference points for future readings. In some cases, knowing your birthday might even help them find out some things about you that are hidden from most people’s view. For example, your birthday might be an indicator of things you’ve yet to accomplish or ways in which you are still maturing.

Is It Better For A Psychic Reader To Know My Name Or Not?

Psychics use all kinds of different tools to help them give people more accurate readings. For some psychics, knowing their clients’ names is an important part of the process. Other psychics don’t need this information in order to do their jobs.

As you can imagine, there are benefits and drawbacks to both scenarios. If your psychic reader doesn’t know your name, it can be a great time to get a general reading because the reader has a wider pool of people from which to gather information. If your psychic knows your name, he or she can give you a more precise reading because they have honed in on your energy specifically.

In order to find out what works best for you, it’s important to provide your psychic with the information they need to give you a good reading. If not knowing your name will help them be more accurate, then feel free to tell them once you’ve arrived at your appointment. On the other hand, if telling your psychic your name can help them be more accurate, then by all means do so before you begin.

Are There Any Other Benefits To Knowing My Name And Birthday?

While knowing your name is an important part of giving you a good reading, it turns out that your birthday can also give psychic readers information about you that they might not otherwise have known.

 What Can Knowing My Birthday Tell A Psychic About Me?

Since your birthday tells them what year you were born, psychics can use this information to get an idea of how old you are. From there, they can build a profile about you based on your age and the things that psychics might expect someone in your demographic to be doing.


As you can see, knowing your name and birthday during a psychic reading is very important. Without this information, psychics can’t do their jobs as well as they could be. But if you provide them with this information, not only will they give you a more accurate psychic reading, but they might even provide you with additional information they wouldn’t have known otherwise.


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