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Wooden board crashes through truck windshield on I-90

Avon, Ohio (WJW) – A wooden board smashed through the windshield of a truck driving on Interstate 90. Avon After falling off the track.

It happened on January 20th, but the crash report and photos have just been published.

A 2017 White Chevrolet Silverado was traveling west on the left lane of I-90, while a 1999 Freightliner was also traveling west on the right lane of the road. Ohio Department of Public Safety.

According to reports, a wooden board fell from a trash can in the rear of the Freightliner and entered the Chevrolet’s passenger-side windshield.

According to the accident report, the Freightliner driver said he knew nothing about the accident and continued driving.

Witnesses tracked down the Freightliner and were able to obtain information from the driver.

“He didn’t even know it happened,” Avon Police Sergeant Chris Burton said. He had a semi-rigid load. He continued his journey, but was not well secured. I was able to contact him later. He came right away and accepted the quote very apologetically for what had happened.

No one was in the passenger seat of the Chevrolet when the incident happened. According to the accident report, no injuries were reported.

https://fox8.com/news/wood-board-goes-through-windshield-of-truck-on-i-90/ Wooden board crashes through truck windshield on I-90

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