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After spending several months in Japan, local artist and muralist Pierre Nagley is back in Yellow Springs this week. Shortly after arriving in town, Nagley began restoration work on a mural painted by him and his collaborator Lindsay Burke on the “Freewall” of Keith Alley in the summer of 2021. A large amount of graffiti occurred during Nagley’s time in Japan. to the mural of him and Burke.

Nagley spent hours hiding the tags and was able to restore the mural to its former glory by the end of October 31st.

Naglee is depicted working to cover up a tag that reads “No one is illegal in stolen land”. He agreed with the sentiment, but still chose to remove it.However, Mr. Nagley added that the mural, which already has many works on the theme of social justice, is a symbolic representation of the message that will be added in the future. said it could include

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