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Youngstown police identify bones found as those of missing woman Amy Hambrick

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Police say a set of bodies found last month A woman who has been missing since 2017.

At a news conference Tuesday morning, police said the remains belonged to 29-year-old Amy Hambrick, who was last seen in November 2017.

her body is fAround August 26, in the wooded area east of Thorn Hill.

Detective Capt. Jason Simon said at a press conference that the bodies were found by a woman who was looking for her missing dog in the woods. You got me.

In the coroner’s office, the bones were assembled by Dr. Lauren Reese of Youngstown State University’s Department of Anthropology.

After the skeleton was assembled, a forensic dentist was able to identify Hambrick based on her jawbone and dental records, Simon said.

Due to the condition of the body, the cause of death is unknown, Simon said. He added that the incident is being actively investigated.

“Someone knows what happened,” said Simon.

Investigators know the bones have been in the woods for some time, but they had no way of knowing how long Hambrick had been in the area since he died, or even from their condition.

Detectives will interview and re-interview people and other tests will be done on the bodies to see if any other evidence can be found, Simon said.

Hambrick was last sighted in North Jackson in November 2017. Since her disappearance, the agency has used interviews, her body-snatching dogs, and electronic warrants to try and find her, all to no avail.

The family was willing to find out what had happened to her. she leaves her daughter.

Three family members were present at the press conference, but after the officials finished speaking, Mayor Jamael Tito Brown dismissed them so they wouldn’t have to answer questions from the media. In his statement, Simon said the family had asked for privacy.

Hambrick’s discovery cuts the long-running list of missing persons the department is working on to 14. Simon urged anyone who may have information about any of these cases to contact police.

https://www.wdtn.com/top-stories/youngstown-police-identify-bones-found-as-those-of-missing-woman/ Youngstown police identify bones found as those of missing woman Amy Hambrick

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