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Your Guide to Buying the Best VR Headsets in 2021

Virtual Reality is revolutionizing tech and impacting major industries in the 21st century. Many home-based and corporate solutions exist today. All of them facilitate human life in one or the other. There are many VR headsets and you may be confused about choosing the right one. After all, there are dedicated headsets for gamers. Similarly, there are headsets for corporate uses as well. They can be used to conduct simulations and provide life-like visualizations for training purposes. With Cox bundle deals, you can even connect the device to the web for more interactivity.

You can buy these websites either online or offline. This blog is about some of the best VR devices in the market right now. Not only do they help in enhancing the user experience of gamers but also aid in the training of medical students with visualizations and simulations. Read about them in detail below.

Oculus Quest 2

The Oculus Quest 2 is available for a market competitive price of $300 only. Don’t think the price is too high. This is because the headset comes with many advanced offerings compared to the other products in the market. It is an ideal option if you are into VR gaming. You can also connect the device to the internet. The best part about the Oculus Quest 2 is that even people who wear glasses can comfortably wear it. The device comes with top-notch sensors to track your movements and provide you a good experience.

A motion tracker and a controller pair up with high-res graphics to provide an immersive gaming experience. Connect the headset to your personal computer with a USB C cable to enjoy gaming like never before. Even Facebook is planning to use the Oculus Quest 2 as its main VR headset. This means that you will be able to use the interactive apps on Facebook as a plus if you make the purchase. Do note that the company plans to stop manufacturing the PC version soon.

HP Reverb G2

This is an excellent consumer VR headset from HP that you should definitely consider. This device is ideal for gamers who are looking for high-definition results. The technology that the HP Reverb G2 harnesses allows users to have an immersive experience. The headset is lightweight, comfy, and has speakers from Valve. Not only that, but it is also compatible with Steam and its games. If you already have a Steam account, then you’re in luck with this purchase.

The only downside to the device is its controllers. Many users have reported concerns regarding the aesthetics of the product. The uncomfortable design makes it hard for them to control the motions. Similarly, another shortcoming is that there is only one way to get an audio output. And that is with the help of over-ear speakers. Even though these two factors may slightly disappoint you, there’s no doubt that the resolution will make up for it.

Valve Index

Valve Index is a great product for users who only have a PC to experience VR headsets. The device provides a smooth and memorable gaming experience. The controllers are quite amazing and track all finger motions. This means that gamers can play games with a high level of control. Not only that, the device is ideal for motion and sensing-based games. It has features that are ahead of many apps. A lot of apps are not compatible with them. The good news is that you can use the headset with games on Steam as well. Apart from this, the audio quality of the Valve Index will definitely leave you in awe. The wide field-of-view display will enhance your first-person shooting game experience too.

HTC Vive Cosmos

HTC Vive Cosmos is available for PCs only. This headset comes with many features that make it stand out from the rest. The sensor tracking and motion-sensing abilities of the device are the best in the industry. Not only that, but the audio output is also crisp and sharp. HTC is even planning to add more cameras to the device. This will mean that the mixed reality experience will be even more enriching and fulfilling. The modular faceplates that come with the device are also another feature that you won’t find in other devices.

Sony PlayStation VR

Sony PlayStation VR is Sony’s VR headset dedicated to the PlayStation. It is available for only $200. This headset is known to be one of the strongest contenders in the market. The reason is that the headset’s audio and visual offerings surpass the other devices in the market. Apart from this, Sony is continually releasing more and more applications that are based on VR. This is not only increasing their sales but also captivating the attention of many buyers. Sony is also planning to release top-notch controllers with this headset.

These are the very best headsets in the market right now. If you have an interest in gaming, then you must look for more reviews online and make an informed decision. You can even use them to train medical students and firefighters with the help of simulations and visualizations. Make sure to buy a good controller along with them for a fully immersive and memorable gaming experience.

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