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4 Ways to Develop Both Hemispheres of the Brain

They say that most people can boast of a well-developed one side of the brain only. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot do anything about it and train a less advanced hemisphere. If you make an effort, you can use all your brain’s features and abilities to the fullest. You might know that your left side of the brain is responsible for logic, calculations, and decision-making, while your right side helps you come up with new ideas and invent something. Thus, you can be a bright mathematician with a well-developed left hemisphere who cannot make up anything outstanding. Alternatively, you can be a highly creative person with numerous genius ideas who, nevertheless, spends long hours reading numerous writepaperforme reviews to cope with the assigned paper because you lack the consistency required for such types of work. Many creative people are characterized by the irrationality of actions, while logic is a strong side of people with a developed left side of the brain.

As you can see, it is crucial to develop both hemispheres of the brain to the same extent. It is a key to success that can provide you with tremendous opportunities.

  1. Mirror way of drawing or double doodling

If you want to extend your abilities, it is high time to start doodling. And it is not a joke. You might have heard that right-handed people have a more developed left side of the brain, while left-handed people use their right hand more actively. And if you want to balance your hemispheres of the brain, you can proceed to doodle. In other words, you should try to draw something. Your drawing can be abstract or specific. One of the best examples of this technique is various unconscious sketches that students make during a lecture. And to get the best out of this method, it is worth turning to the double-doodling strategy. Thus, you should try to do your best to create symmetric, as if mirror drawings with both hands. Take a highlighter in each hand and place them in the center of your sheet of paper. Start drawing with both highlighters simultaneously, creating a mirror pic. For instance, if you make a line and a circle with your right hand, you should do the same with your left hand. And if you move your one hand towards the center, you should do the same with another hand.

  1. Using of “uncomfortable” hand oftener

When you work on the development of both hemispheres of the brain, you contribute to the appearance of new nerve cells and neural connections. In its turn, it leads to increased intelligence capabilities. You can improve your concentration and restore neural connections even with brain injuries. And the easiest way to develop a brain hemisphere is to use it daily. Thus, you can do your everyday things with the opposite “uncomfortable” hand. For example, if you are a right-handed person, you can button up your shirt, eat, brush, hold a cup with your left hand. However, it will be extremely beneficial to learn how to write with both hands. It won’t be easy at first, and perhaps you will try to use your usual hand in the process. However, over time, your skills will improve. And this, in turn, will have a positive effect on all brain activity in general. So, you will not need to ask for outside help since you will be able to do everything yourself.

  1. Adding descriptive phrases to your professional language

Most of the professional slang is associated with the left hemisphere of the brain. It resembles a set of formulas. By using professional language, we mean that everyone understands what it is about. Some people even manage to use abbreviations while chatting. However, this trend implies limitations by its very nature. If you want to convey the full depth of meaning and develop another side of the brain, it is time to use descriptive phrases. Such phrases “touch the very chord” in the right hemisphere of the interlocutor’s brain since they are like pictures. They turn on the right side of the brain, so use metaphors and analogies to explain your point of view. Metaphors and analogies destroy limitations intrinsic to common situations and standard way of thinking. You expand the usual boundaries and remove obstacles to creative thinking when you say something like, “We can become as cool as Google” or “Let’s do our best to become more popular than Pepsi.”

  1. Playing mind games

If you want to do something interesting and useful simultaneously, it is worth paying attention to various mind games. You will not only spend time with pleasure but also develop both hemispheres of your brain. For example, you can try your hand at playing chess or poker. They have many things in common, even if it doesn’t look so at first glance. These games will allow you to simultaneously develop logical, analytical, deductive, predictive abilities, abstract thinking, concentration, memory, and quick reacting. Everybody who played chess in childhood can boast of better and faster thinking in adulthood. You learn to think several steps ahead, consider possible alternatives, develop options (it will be easier to plan something for the future, simulate a sequence of actions in mind, and choose the best route possible). Thus, you will increase your erudition, broaden your horizons, and learn how to think outside the box, making logical decisions. Practicing all the time, you will have developed hemispheres of the brain and good chances to achieve any goal.



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