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5 Benefits of Meeting Room Booking Software

Since the onset of the pandemic, there has been a 12.9% rise in the number of meetings. Therefore, in a hybrid workplace, meeting room usage has increased. These meeting spaces serve as the best place for collaboration.

However, the amount of time you and your employees spend looking for a meeting room is relatively high. This leads to Inefficiencies, which can also lead to you wasting money. Organizations spend an estimated 37 billion dollars on such inefficiencies.

Nevertheless, adopting meeting room booking software can be the perfect solution you are looking for.

Meeting room booking software: A definition

A meeting room booking software is a space booking system that allows employees to find and book conference rooms. For managers, a conference room scheduling software allows easy administration of such spaces.

A meeting room booking system streamlines the process of booking with an integrated calendaring system. It removes the guesswork and manual effort.

A meeting room booking software allows employees to:

  • Schedule meeting rooms
  • View floor plans and find the location
  • Book amenities like projectors or notepads
  • Integrate with Outlook calendar or Google calendar
  • Get notifications with meeting details

A meeting room booking solution allows managers to:

  • Create, edit and cancel bookings
  • Make rooms available or restrict specific spaces
  • Get real-time utilization data for workplace optimization
  • Automate sanitization workflow

Now let us take a look at the five advantages of meeting room booking software.

5 advantages of meeting room booking software

For today’s business requirements, flexibility is an essential aspect. Therefore, businesses want a centralized booking system that can be accessed from anywhere, using a desktop or mobile app.

Employees should know which rooms are empty, occupied, and need to be sanitized before use. When used to its total capacity, a conference room scheduling software can offer the following benefits:

  1. Easy Integration

When scheduling meetings, employees should be able to sync their calendars, for instance, with either Outlook or Google. Therefore, a meeting room booking software should be compatible with all existing third-party applications.

Once integrated, the software should provide information like which rooms are occupied or empty. In case of a cancelation, the slot can be made available on the integrated calendars.

When bookings are made, the information can be made available on these third-party apps. Employees can gather all the information required. This will also result in reduced no-shows.

For managers, this will make the entire booking process seamless.

  1. Automatic Handling of Changes and Cancellations

If a meeting gets canceled at any time, the system gets updated automatically. So, if any changes occur, team members are immediately notified.

Once a meeting is canceled, the room is automatically available for booking. The host can reschedule the room for another slot as well. A meeting room booking software conveys the relevant messages to the required people without manual interventions.

Due to this automation, errors can be reduced as well. The error margin reduces significantly, improving workplace efficiency.

  1. No Possibility of Two Time Booking

Accidental two-time booking of the meeting is an annoying and common issue for shared office spaces. Two people can often book the same room. This can create unwanted conflicts. It can also disturb your schedule and deviate you from the meeting agenda.

However, the right meeting booking system provides accurate room availability details. Before booking, you will know which rooms are free to use, restricted, and cleaned for potential availability.

All of this can help you avoid two-time bookings.

  1. Tracking of Reports

One of the most significant advantages of a meeting room booking software is its ability to provide utilization data.

For instance, managers can keep an eye on the rooms as and when those are used. They will know which rooms are booked more often and which remain empty.

The utilization data can be instrumental in optimizing the hybrid workplace. If a 2-seater conference room gets booked often compared to a 12-seater one, managers can make changes accordingly. They can create more hot desks for collaboration.

Managers can also minimize wait time by automating the sanitization workflow. These reports can prevent overcrowding.

  1. Reduces No Shows

Empty meeting rooms are by far the biggest challenge managers have to face. Many a time, a meeting gets canceled, but the room is never made available. For instance, the sales team cancels a meeting and doesn’t show up. The marketing team could have used the meeting room, but due to its unavailability, it went empty.

This leads to waste in space. With meeting room booking software, no-shows can be reduced. If a meeting is canceled, the room is automatically made available for use.

A meeting room booking software is an essential part of the hybrid workplace. It ensures to keep everything on track. Not only space optimization but also safety is guaranteed.

WorkInSync is one of the leading meeting room booking software. It comes with a slew of features like advanced bookings, a centralized dashboard, and easy integration, to name a few. Opt for a demo to get a complete overview of the software.


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