7 Remedies For Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be a mood killer as you go about your daily activities. There are many causes of back pain, some severe, others mild. Your lower back pain can be caused by various factors, such as arthritis, sprain, injury, prolonged sitting, overexercising, or improper posture. 

If you’re one of those suffering from lower back pain, this article will discuss remedies you can adopt to help alleviate the pain. Read on for these insights.

  • Cold Press

A cold press is an effective solution to ease the pain that you’re experiencing in your lower back. It’ll numb your aching muscles, which helps reduce the pain. 

You can do this by using ice cubes and placing them in a bag, then resting the bag on the sore area. Do this continuously for several hours as you keep changing the ice cubes every time they melt. If you don’t have any ice cubes, you can use any item in the frozen compartment, such as a bag of peas, you can wrap it in a thin towel to absorb water from the thawing process while placing it in your lower back.

  • Go For Therapy

You might find it challenging to adopt lower back pain home remedies due to the lack of time or assistance moving around should the pain be severe. Going to therapy will greatly help you in this situation. There are different types of therapies you could seek within your location. You can search online or visit to see some of the options available.

You should also consider going to professional yoga sessions. It may possibly help because most back pains are caused by strained muscles or an injury that misaligns your backbone structure. The sitting position in a yoga session tends to be upright. You’ll hold your back up straight for an extended period of time, then your strained muscles will most likely align and reduce your lower back pain.

You can also seek acupuncture therapy. The professional will use thin needles within the areas that are experiencing pain. The needles are meant to allow a continuous flow of energy in your body. In the process, it’s believed your body will release the necessary chemicals to eliminate the pain in your lower back. 

Spine manipulation is also another remedy you can seek. The doctor will first identify the source of your pain, such as a misaligned muscle, and then apply direct pressure to the area. In the process, the bones and muscles will get back in sync, solving your pain issue. This might seem like a remedy to adopt without professional help, but please don’t. A wrong move might render you in a wheelchair for the rest of your life, always seek a professional’s help for this kind of therapy.

  • Exercise

Various professionals in the health industry always recommend exercise as part of your routine. One of the many advantages of exercising associated with lower back pain is strengthening and building your muscles.  

Consider adopting flexibility and strengthening exercises, such as stretching and weight lifting, respectively. However, as you lift your weights, start small until your back pain lessens and totally dissipates, after which you can increase the weights to strengthen your bones and prevent future lower back pain issues. Swimming can also suffice since it’s a form of exercise through which you’ll engage your muscles and stretch them out in the process. This can also reduce the chances of suffering from back pain. 

Another advantage of exercise is that you’re likely to lose weight. Too much weight tends to put a lot of pressure on your spine, leading to pain in your lower back. 

7 Remedies For Lower Back Pain
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  • Move Around

When experiencing lower back pain, it’s inevitable that you’ll have a hard time moving, but it’s advisable not to stay in a rest position for too long. Doing this will worsen the pain if you suddenly decide to get up, since being immobile for some time can make your muscles stiff, thus making your condition more excruciating.

Move around as much as you can, take a walk in your neighborhood, or walk to work instead of driving. Moving around will not only eliminate stiffness but also strengthen your muscles and help in your recovery from lower back pain.

  • Change Your Mattress

The type of mattress you sleep on greatly affects your spinal health. If you’ve used your current mattress for quite some time and it’s no longer as firm as it used to be, it’s advisable to change it as soon as possible.

A good mattress should be firm enough, but not too hard, to support your body while still maintaining your spine’s posture. Sleeping on a good mattress will prevent you from suffering lower back pains, herniated discs, and strained muscles.

  • Take Medication

Medication is often recommended if you’re experiencing severe lower back pain. The medicine will help reduce your pain for the time being. However, you need to be cautious as you ingest the pain-relieving medication. You should acknowledge that the medicine is only for short-term use, and you need to seek other remedies or seek help from your doctor. Additionally, you should also ensure you don’t get addicted to the medication because prolonged use of pain medications can negatively affect your health. 

You can get pain-relieving medication in various forms, such as tablets or topical creams. For the tablets, you’ll ingest them orally but ensure you don’t overdose on them no matter the severity of your lower back pain. With topical medication, they’re lotions or creams that you’ll apply and massage on the painful area of your back. Moreover, cannabidiol (CBD) oils and products, such as gummies, could also help with your pain. 

  • Put Away Your High Shoes

This remedy mainly applies to women since they’re prone to wearing high-heeled shoes. The positioning of your foot when in these shoes directly impacts your spine, which is located at your back. The constant pressure on your spine might be the cause of your lower back pain. Therefore, put them aside, at least for now. 

Adopt shoes with low heels, preferably flat shoes. These shoes will put away any strain from your back. In addition, consider adding a cushion to your shoes, especially if you walk for long distances or stand for a long time. The cushioning will absorb all the pressure as you walk, preventing it from going up your body to your back and causing pain.


The article above has described measures you can take to alleviate your lower back pain. Consider implementing them appropriately for effective results. However, in no situation should you replace your doctor’s recommendation with the tips mentioned above. It’s always best to consult your doctor and follow their advice and prescribed medications.


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