Best Places to Fish in Ohio in 2022

Fishing in Ohio is more than a pastime. It’s a way of living. A typical midwesterner may include words such as “persistent,” patient, thoughtful, and competitive. But a day on the water can bring out the best in all of those qualities. It can be difficult to choose from so many great fishing spots in central Ohio. You should also consider factors like permits, crowding, and the types of fish. We’re going to just give you 11 amazing spots for fishing in Ohio.

Here are some great places to fish in Ohio. We have a few favorites: Charles Alley Memorial Park Greenfield Lake Clear Creek Nature Preserve Longhaven Retreat Cenci Park Rock Mill Lake Rising Park Rush Creek Lake and Buckeye Lake Fishing too!

Charles Alley Memorial Park

The 350-acre Charles Alley Memorial Park is home to beautiful nature. According to Explore Ohio Outdoors two lakes, Lake Loretta and Twin Lake, are still available for fishing. For bank fishing in Ohio, the park’s majestic ridges make a beautiful backdrop.

Greenfield Lake

Greenfield Lake has a nice 14+ acre area of fishing water. This lake is not overcrowded and will give both experienced and novice anglers the opportunity to hook catfish, bluegills, bullheads, largemouth bass and other fish.

Clear Creek Nature Preserve

Clear Creek is one such place that can be used for more than one activity. Clear Creek is Ohio’s largest natural preserve. There’s plenty to do. The trout fishing is amazing, but you should not miss out on the beautiful trails and 2,200 species animals and plants. One of the few remaining colonies of rhododendrons in Ohio.

Longhaven Retreat

Longhaven Retreat in Central Ohio is the fishing equivalent to a “glamping” vacation. It’s an excellent spot for fishing in Ohio. But, we don’t think it’s the best romantic getaway.

Buckeye Lake

Buckeye Lake fishing is a unique experience, considering it’s one of the most beautiful lakes in Ohio. You can fish from this spot, provided you have an Ohio fishing license. This lake was once stocked with crappie, bass and other fish from Lake Erie via the state’s “Buckeye Fish Car.” It is now a certified must-fish spot.

Cenci Park

Is Buckeye Lake fishing too exciting? Cenci park is a great place to go for a more out-of-the way day of fishing. Although it may not be on the top ten most popular bodies of water in Ohio for fishing, Cenci Park doesn’t want to get involved with all the nonsense. No shenanigans. There are no crowds. It’s a peaceful, tranquil place to fish in Lancaster Ohio.

Rush Creek Lake

Below the surface of Rush Creek Lake, you will find many species of catfish and bass. Rush Creek is a serene, vast body of water that makes it a great spot for quiet contemplation on a summer afternoon.

Rock Mill Lake Wildlife Area

Bluegill lovers will enjoy Rock Mill Lake, a scenic spot in central Ohio that is a little off the beaten track. Rock Mill Lake, a small, secluded lake, is 18 acres in size and 25 feet deep. This means that you won’t find the Lake Erie monster down there, but it shouldn’t be difficult to catch a few channel catfish.

Jackson Lake Park

Jackson Lake is a great place to take the family on a relaxing getaway. You’ll need to give your family something to do if you want to escape the family for an afternoon. There are many options for them, including disc golf, a water park and a splash café. You can then relax and enjoy the beach. You can also bring everyone along for a day’s catch-and-release fishing. You don’t need a fishing license!

Oakthorpe Lake

Fairfield County residents love Oakthorpe Lake. Premier Angler points out that the lake’s 43 acres are home for largemouth bass and sunfish. However, you will also find many other fish. This lake is perfect for lazy days of fishing in Ohio. To fish on this lake, you’ll need an electric motor.

Rising Park

Stay for the sunset, come for the fishing! Rising Park is an Ohio fishing spot that’s not as well-known, but it’s a great place to learn how to fish with your grandchildren or kids. The catch-and-release pond, which is conveniently located near Mt. This is a popular playground and pleasant picnic area.

We wrap up our 11 Central Ohio Fishing Options

There are many amazing options for fishing in Buckeye State. It’s not difficult to find a great place to fish in Ohio, but we hope that we have made it easier for you. If you have further questions about Ohio fishing, please let us know. Also, be sure to see the complete list of fun summer activities!



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