Former US Navy SEAL Daniel Swift dies in fighting in Ukraine

The Navy has identified the man as Daniel W. Swift and says he is a former SEAL who has been listed as a deserter since March 2019.

WASHINGTON — A former US Navy SEAL was killed in Ukraine this week, US officials said Friday. They said he was not fighting in an official capacity.

Daniel W. Swift is a former member of the Navy SEAL who is listed in official records as having deserted since March 2019. The Navy did not provide detailed information on his U.S. military records, but Sailor was in Ukraine. ”

The Navy said Swift was killed Wednesday.

at least five other Americans known to have died Fighting in Ukraine, according to a State Department statement and reports from individual families.

US government Disappointed Americans stopped fighting for Ukraine over concerns that they might be captured and taken hostage by Russian forces. In the first few weeks of the war, at least 6,000 of her people contacted the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington for information on how to volunteer to represent Ukraine.

A Ukrainian military attaché said last year that half of all applicants were quickly rejected for lack of military experience, having a criminal record, or for other reasons.

An unknown number of Americans have Join forces with foreign combatants Support Kyiv. Others volunteer in aid groups and human rights organizations.

The State Department declined to specifically mention Swift’s death, but said in a statement that it could confirm the recent death of a US citizen in Ukraine.

“We are in contact with his family and are providing consular assistance where possible,” the State Department said.

https://www.wtol.com/article/news/nation-world/ukraine/ex-navy-seal-dies-in-ukraine/507-7ce99e5f-bdac-4da2-ab9d-b4cebc67abb2 Former US Navy SEAL Daniel Swift dies in fighting in Ukraine

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