How Students Can Stay Relevant to their Essay Prompt?

Whether you’re writing a weekly essay or an undergraduate dissertation, one of the most common faults in student essay writing and academic essay writing is veering away from the question. Even if you create a wonderful, well-argued essay, if it is not entirely relevant to the question, you will receive low points.

When writing an essay, some assignment writers get off to a good start but then stray from the topic, while others allow their argument to drift off in absolutely the incorrect path. When writing an essay, some students get off to a good start but then stray from the topic. Therefore, failing to demonstrate strong connections between their essay and the original question, they receive low grades. Essay writing is a difficult task, students can get help from professional online essay writer service to improve their writing skills.

You’ll discover a thorough list of tips here in this article that will help you keep your academic writing on track and avoid losing those vital extra marks for good!


Writing a clear, detailed plan before you begin writing and then making sure you adhere to it is a very effective way to ensure you will stick to the question throughout your assignment.

Make a list of your four or five primary points, together with the arguments you’ll use to support them. Then, as you read through each piece, ask yourself if it directly addresses the question. Remove any points that aren’t relevant, and make sure you stick to your plan when writing an essay.

Remember your essay question

This is a simple technique that can make a significant effect. When you start each new essay paragraph or concept, use a signpost sentence to connect it to the question and demonstrate to the marker its importance to the overall issue.

Don’t be hesitant to employ the question’s exact phrasing in your essay writing; as long as it isn’t too repetitious, it will considerably improve the sense of cohesion and relevancy of your argument when the marker examines it.

Build your argument

When students begin their essay with a very clear introduction that addresses the issue, they sometimes fail to demonstrate that they are focused on the core topic with which the question is concerned as their essay progresses into more intricate lines of dispute.

You can make the various parts of your essay argument coherent using separators like ‘firstly’ and ‘secondly’ or ‘conversely’ and ‘furthermore’ in your essay. This may help the essay grader to understand your ideas and how they all connect to one major argument,  rather than just dismissing one of your paragraphs.

Write a strong conclusion

The best successful essays all have one thing in common: a strong, concise conclusion that summarises your essay’s main points. This paragraph of your essay might be used to show the grader why each paragraph of your essay was related to the question.

This essay writing strategy ensures that the reader is informed at the conclusion of your essay that everything you wrote contributed to your answer to the essay question.

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