The Ideal IT Candidate: Search Challenges and How Staff Augmentation Can Help

The number of IT professionals is growing every year, but this does not make it easier for companies to find them. The situation is the same for large corporations and small companies. After all, everyone is looking for specialists with years of experience and extensive knowledge in their field. As a result, companies may be looking for developers for a long time and are late with deadlines. Let’s look at the causes of problems with finding an IT employee and how staff augmentation can help in this task.

Reasons why a company cannot find a developer for a project

If you carefully consider the root of the problems, then you will understand that the problem is not in the shortage of specialists, but in their characteristics, which are not there, or they are not suitable for the business. Often developers need:

1. More experience

Today there are many novice specialists and little advanced developers. It is clear that everyone wants experienced professionals. But often, developers who have just graduated from university are able to offer fresh ideas and insights into the process of creating products. But if you still focus on the experience of a specialist and are not ready to devote a novice developer to the development of your product, then there is no point in even considering such candidates.

2. Technical education at the university

Many self-taught specialists have emerged among the developers. Usually, such people choose those directions that are actually interesting to them. As a result, they can achieve great success in the new field. If you doubt their place or source of self-education and put emphasis on university education, then you should say goodbye to the candidate.

3. Certain technical skills

Let’s say you’re aiming to find a developer with ten years of experience in software development. But here, too, a pitfall may arise. It is not a fact that such specialists know how to work with new technologies. You can always take a risk, hire a developer and teach him new skills or work with new technology. But if you have a tight deadline, and you are not ready to spend time on training, don’t hire such a specialist.

4. Communication skills

Your candidate has experience, university education, and all the necessary technical skills, but now he joins the team, and you understand that it is difficult to establish any communication with him. Most likely, such an IT professional will soon leave your company.

5. High salary

The high demand for talented IT professionals has created a position where developers decide their future salaries, not companies. It is clear that if one company refuses the offer, then there will be another company that will agree to the proposed salary. This situation does not work in favor of small companies. But they must understand that large and experienced professionals are clearly expensive. If you are not ready to allocate large sums from the budget, then it is worth considering less experienced professionals.

How will outstaffing for a project help you?

But all the points above should not slow down your company in search of the optimal IT specialist for your project. For situations like this, there is always:

  • Outstaffing — if you need an IT specialist and want to maintain more control over the process and manage the project yourself. You sign a contract for a certain period, an employee can work both remotely and in your office, and you will work directly with him.
  • IT recruiting — if you need IT specialists, but you have no experience in recruiting candidates, or you cannot fill a vacancy for a long time. Organizations that specialize in finding IT professionals have access to an extensive pool of developers. In accordance with your requirements, budget and goals, the company is already selecting the right developer for you. Try The clearer the characteristics of the future developer, the easier it will be to find him.

The huge advantage of these services is that they can help you save your budget. The size of the company does not matter here, because the service is built according to your requirements, goals and budgets. As a result, you get that optimal price for an outsourcing team or search for a candidate in a short time, which you could not achieve for a long time.

As you can see, even a complex search for IT candidates for software development can always find a way out. Such services will be needed by any company, regardless of budgets, plans and deadlines.

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