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Top 5 Best Wealthy Dating Sites to Meet Rich Single Men in 2022

One of the biggest challenges for a wealthy man, ironically enough, has very little to do with acquiring, retaining, or even spending his wealth. While his net worth is certainly an aspect of his troubles, it’s got very little to do with him and much more to do with those around him. Wealthy men don’t have trouble making money. They have trouble finding a good woman. That’s why so many rich men dating sites are created.

Finding the right site can be difficultwith all the different platforms on the market today. We’ve done all the work for you. Below, we’ve curated 5 of the best and most highly regarded dating sites that allow only the most qualified women a chance to meet rich men.

Top 5 Rich Men Dating Sites for 2022

  1. MillionaireMatch
  2. Pmeet
  3. Luxy
  4. EliteSingles
  5. RichMeetBeautiful

#1. MillionaireMatch 


  • Complete Verification to avoid cafish
  • The more income you make, the better chance you’ll have
  • Has around the same amount of men as women, meaning neither will have an issue with “supply”


  • Does not have video chat
  • Can be a bit of a costly way to potentially meet women/men.

If you’re looking to meet some actual lawyers, investors, and CEOs (along with gorgeous supermodels) this is the platform to be on. Unlike other sites, Millionaire Match (MM) works to bring together wealthy men and women and give them a chance to start a relationship.

While you don’t technically have to be a millionaire, you do have to have some actual cash. The site says that the minimum net worth is around $200,000. This can be either in income, assets or as an inheritor of fortune.

MM has a wide range of different ethnicities and ages while also having about an equal number of men as they do women, ensuring everyone has a real shot at a relationship.

#2. Pmeet


  • Specifically and solely designed for wealthy men and beautiful women
  • Offers complete confidentiality by hiding all images of themselves to avoid scrutiny
  • Fast and easy registration


  • Very much a sugar site
  • Must pay to initiate contact

A great site for finding beautiful women as a wealthy, elite man, Pmeet specifically caters to wealthy male / beautiful female dynamics. It does not stray from this goal at all. That means if you are a cougar or a gay man, you’ll want to find another one of these platforms.

While this is great for establishing the dynamics, as a wealthy man it will also require that you be on alert. While it is not “easy” for “pretty women” to end up on the site, sugar babies are regulars.

Just worth it to keep in mind when deciding what sort of relationship you’re looking for.

#3. Luxy


  • Over 60% have an income of $200k or more
  • Can create a free account on the site
  • Rigorous “peer-reviewed” method of verification


  • Members tend to be a bit more elitist than on other sites
  • Only really available in the major cities around the world
  • Website and App do not share the same features

Luxy has a bit of a bad rap surrounding it. While it doesn’t require men or women to be wealthy, it does have an actual elitist vibe to it due to the way people are accepted or rejected. That said, it is because of this exclusivity that the men and women are regarded as the “cream of the crop”.

When going on the site, you can start with a free account and do a fair bit of things even without paying. Yes, it is a bit more limited that way, but you can still contact others that you’ve matched with and scroll and check out other profiles.

The paid services can get a bit pricey but are well worth it if you’re seriously looking for someone that compliments your life rather than is just a sugar baby or a pretty, ditzy face.

#4. EliteSingles


  • Connected with people that match your personality
  • Profiles are manually checked and verified
  • Over 80% of singles have a college background


  • Women are expected to also have careers
  • Limited Free Browsing and Previews

Very much a testament to its name, EliteSingles is the perfect site for both men and women that feel they are “elite.” What this means is that, rather than a wealthy man finding an average-income woman, it’s a wealthy man connecting with a similarly wealthy woman. What’s more, unlike other platforms, it is meant for those with professional, “CEO”-type jobs.

Participants take a personality test when filling out their profile and are matched with people that match their same personality and drive. It may not be required to be a millionaire while on the site, but it is expected that you are a collegiate and in a highly-recognized commercial field.

If you can do meet those requirements, EliteSingles very much lives up to its name.

#5. RichMeetBeautiful


  • If you’re looking for a sugar baby, here they are
  • Anonymous viewings are free
  • Men must verify their income/women must verify their looks


  • To contact, you must have a premium account

It’s easy to poo-poo this as just another “Seeking Arrangements” type of website platform, and in truth, you’re not wholly wrong for making that comparison. However, the reality is that men want beautiful women, with them having an education being second.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to run into a “pretty woman,” however. As there are more women on the platform than men, the guys have their pick of exactly who they want and are matched up with women through a scientifically-based methodology. This greatly reduces the chances of dealing with someone only interested in your money, instead of putting you in front of women that will connect with you on a personal level in addition to being beautiful.

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