Top 7 Factors to Consider When Picking Gifts for Dogs

Are you thinking of buying a Christmas gift for your dog? Perhaps you want to stimulate your dog mentally to stay healthy, happy, and fit. If so, picking gifts for dogs is invaluable.

For any pet owner, one of the most rewarding aspects of owning a dog is purchasing gifts for them. You want to show express affection and have fun by getting your dog fun toys and accessories. Whether it’s catching a frisbee, chasing a ball, or trying to solve a puzzle toy, toys can improve the overall health of your dog.

If you don’t buy your dog toys, chances are they lack both mental and physical stimulation. The dog then directs the pent-up energy in the wrong manner. This includes destroying furniture or even chewing socks around your home.

Dog toy gifts can provide the dog with exercise, promote healthy teeth and gums, stimulate intelligence, and more. However, choosing the right gift can be challenging with so many dog gift ideas. Do you go for portraits gifts or toy gifts such as tug, rope, treat, ball, soft plush, or interactive fetch?

Well, to get you started, here are 7 factors to consider when picking dog gifts.

  1. Carry out Your Research

While you have a shallow idea about the different types of dog toys available, online research can help you get different ideas. Also, you learn what will suit your dog better and can read online customer reviews from other pet owners.

Also, you come across multiple online stores that sell dog toys, and you can check on their reviews to pick the best one to buy from. If you want a customized gift for your dog, there are multiple dog toy brands online to choose from.

  1. Choose Something Unique

You’ve got a myriad of options to pick from when getting a gift for your dog. These include custom accessories, treats to beds, novelty items, and seasonally themed gifts. At any time you are buying a gift or toy for your dog, pick something unique to add to their toy collection.

You can get so many options and ideas for dog’s toy gifts by checking online. Some of the unique gifts you can get your dog for the festive season include a customized collar or even a box full of dog toys for a playful puppy. Also, you may consider custom dog portraits that are available here.

  1. Determine Your Dog Needs

While you can’t ask your dog what they want for a gift, you can make some observations and know the right toy to get them. Every dog is special but be assured there are many toys to suit your canine friend’s play needs.

To know what toy is best for your dog, it’s imperative to know some of the basic dog instincts. Naturally, dogs are packed animals, and it’s crucial to make them feel a part of the group by buying them play and snuggle toys.

Interactive toys between dogs and their owners help to make the pet feel socially included. On the other side, solo toys can keep busy a restless dog and even provide companionship when you are away. This helps to alleviate the destructive temperament of the dog.

  1. Consider Age

While dogs don’t mature like people, it’s always crucial to consider dogs’ age when buying them toys. For instance, a two-week-old puppy still has baby teeth, and some toys could hurt or injure the teeth. Thus, if you are getting a toy for such a puppy, then consider toys with soft plush or rubber and snugly fabrics.

If your puppy is 3-9 months, then they will be teething, and you should avoid toys with hard rubber but get him plenty of toys. At this age, the dog will be chewing everything that they get around. Getting them proper toys will keep them engaged to avoid chewing your favorite socks or sneakers.

After the teething phase is over, your dog will have developed strong jaws to play with hard rubber. Also, they will have a lot of energy to play using rope pulls and balls.

When you don’t get to the age of seven, their jaws become weak, and they can no longer play with hard toys. You need to get them softer toys such as easy-to-toss sticks and balls to keep them active.

  1. Consider Texture

When picking dog toys, it’s vital to check on the toy’s size and texture. Different breeds have different types of jaws. Some breeds, such as German Shepherd, can chew harshly when compared to Yorkshire Terrier.

Buying a too soft toy can break into pieces for a dog with stronger jaws. This can choke your dog or get ingested, resulting in gastrointestinal blockages. In case your dog’s toy has signs of damage, such as tears or breaks in fabric or broken squeaker, it’s good you replace it as soon as possible.

  1. Check on Size

Before you buy your dog a toy, check on toy size. The size of the toy you buy should be appropriate both to the age and breed of your dog.

Buying a large toy for a small puppy or breed can be too tough for them. Also, buying a very small toy for a large dog or breed means the toy can be swallowed easily. And you don’t want to choke your dog, do you?

When buying a gift, consider anything that will fit behind the dog’s rear molars is a choking hazard.

  1. Safety Matters

When picking a gift for your dog, safety is the utmost consideration. Of course, you don’t want to buy a toy that ends up injuring or even killing your canine friend, do you?

Ensure the toy you are buying won’t harm your pet in any way. Check on the materials used to make the toy to ensure they are non-toxic. Also, avoid any material that could easily choke your dog.

Consider These Tips When Picking Gifts for Dogs

When picking gifts for dogs, it’s paramount to choose a safe, durable, and fun toy. Dog toys can help improve the happiness and overall well-being of your dog. To choose the right gift for your dog, consider age, activity level, personal preference, safety, and more.

Here are tips to help you pick the best gift for your dog.

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