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What Car Manufacturers Are Going All Electric? 

These days, there is a rising trend to switch to electric cars all around the globe. Due to environmental reasons and gas car bans, many people decided to drive green vehicles. The same reasons drove many manufacturers to produce electric cars to meet customers’ demand for environmentally-friendly vehicles. Indeed, Tesla is the niche leader that produces top-tier vehicles powered by electricity. However, in this post, we will take a closer look at manufacturers focused on creating gas cars but will replace all their existing models with electric ones.

General Motors

General Motors is one of the major car manufacturers in the US. It owns brands like Chevrolet and Buick. These car brands are popular all around the globe because they are affordable, and some models are spacious inside. Also, the company owns the GMC and Cadillac vehicle brands. These brands produce a lot of different gas cars. However, they got popular for their extremely large models equipped with large and powerful engines. For example, on average, Cadilac Escalade burns 5.9 gallons of gas to make 100 miles. Its engine has an insane gas consumption compared to modern-day standards. However, it’s required to move a massive vehicle fast in the city and on highways.

Even though the company produces vehicles that burn tons of gas, it will become environmentally friendly by 2040. All the cars they will produce will release zero carbon emissions, so that the company will go all-electric. The year General Motors is planning to stop producing gas cars is closely tied with the final date of the ban to sell vehicles that burn fossil fuel in the US and EU. It seems like the company doesn’t want to keep up with modern trends. They do their best to adjust their businesses to new challenges so that the production of cars that burn fuel is going to end in 2040 by General Motors.


Fiat is an Italian car manufacturer that produces small cars for cities with narrow streets and heavy traffic. Most cars produced by the company burn a small amount of gas. For example, the Fiat 500, the most economical model, burns only 3.3 gallons of gas per 100 miles. Since the car is affordable and cheap to maintain, it is popular among students. It helps them save a lot of time on transportation and keep their budgets safe. With the extra money they have, students frequently spend to order papers on pro essays. It is an academic paper writing service that helps learners get top grades without hassle. Nevertheless, even though the manufacturer produces economical cars, they are about to switch to electric models only by the end of the decade. There are no solid dates announced. However, the company will stop producing gas cars from 2025 to 2030.


Audi is one of the leading car manufacturers from Germany. It is a company that drivers recognize all around the world. In most cases, Audi cars are fast and have top-tier specs. The vehicles produced by the German company drive fast, are well-steered and are built using reliable materials. Also, their best models are equipped with a smart four-wheel drive that helps their cars start fast and drive well even when weather conditions are not pleasant to drivers. To deliver an outstanding driving experience and keep their drives, the Audi company frequently equips their cars with advanced engines that have high volumes. Consequently, Audi vehicles usually burn a lot of gas.

However, the company will end up producing engines that burn fossil fuel and release carbon. According to the statement of the company’s representatives, they want all their new models to be powered by electricity only. Nevertheless, they won’t stop the production of gas cars this year. Their cars’ existing model that burns fossil fuel will be sold by 2030. However, the company will stop the development of engines that release carbon in 2033 only.


It is a Swedish company that produces vehicles. According to many researchers, their cars are considered the safest on the market. The cars produced by the company can withstand a lot of different crashes and keep the passengers safe. To not compromise on safety, they have to make their cars heavy. Therefore, despite all their cars’ advanced features, they burn more fuel than models from other companies in the niche. For example, the engine stops working when a Volvo car doesn’t drive. The engine ignites when drivers push the accelerator.

Also, the company produces tracks, so it will have a hard time switching to green cars. Nevertheless, these guys state that half of the cars they produce will be electric by 2030. The other part of vehicles is going to be hybrid. However, the company will go full-electric when they develop a technology to build green cars with a great one-battery charge range.



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