45 Unique Gift Ideas For Friends and Family

It’s that time of year again and that means that you have got to start working your way through your gift list. While some loved ones might be easy to shop for, like your Dad and his love of good cigars or your son’s burning desire for the latest video game, others are a bit more tricky.

Many of you have more than just a single ‘best’ friend and of course grandmas, favorite uncles, and other family members that you want to get something special for this year. So, if you’re having trouble coming up with a unique idea, you might want to consider one of these possibilities.

6 Special Gifts for 6 Special People

  1. For Mom – For those with a wine-loving Mom close to the heart, show her your love throughout the whole year with a pre-paid wine club subscription.
  2. For Dad – There are beer club subscriptions of course but a deep tissue massage gun will help with all the aches and pains of life.
  3. For Grandma – She loves nothing more than seeing you for the holidays and with picture Christmas ornaments, she can do so throughout the season.
  4. For Grandpa – Whether he enjoys hard candy or cashews, a unique glass Unzipped Zipper Bag will definitely come in handy.
  5. For HimPinky rings are back in style and it’s a gift he can wear all year long.
  6. For Her – A beautiful Feng Shui Chakra Tree is sure to surprise her and be a gift she is proud to display.

10 More for Her

  1. Birthstone wishing ball perfect for the living room or garden.
  2. Custom bracelet.
  3. Make her a bath and beauty gift basket with top-end products.
  4. Retro-style coffee maker.
  5. A facial ice roller to help her relax after a long day.
  6. Monogram Ceramic Catchall Tray.
  7. A weighted blanket.
  8. An inspirational women puzzle.
  9. A jewelry subscription membership is a gift she is sure to adore.
  10. Lingerie subscription box.

10 More for Him

  1. Portable campfire.
  2. Watch club gift card.
  3. Indoor electric nonstick grill.
  4. Make your own hot sauce kit for those that like it spicy.
  5. Freezable beer glasses.
  6. Back, shoulder, and neck massager to help avoid pain when working from home.
  7. Sock club scripting for those that like to flaunt a different type of style.
  8. DNA/genetic ethnicity test.
  9. The Bacon Crate, a gift almost every man can love.
  10. Multi-Color LED Floor Lamp.

19 Unique Gifts for Everyone Else

One or more of these could be perfect for friends and other members of

your family.

  1. Jerky of the month club.
  2. Race car driving experience.
  3. Personalized dartboard and cabinet set.
  4. A helicopter tour of the city.
  5. An electric s’mores maker.
  6. Picture perfect home decor.
  7. An acre of land on the moon.
  8. Cheesecake of the month club.
  9. A mini pool or ping-pong table.
  10. A giant peanut butter cup.
  11. Sound and sleep machine.
  12. Extra-large wine glass.
  13. A Japanese candy gift box.
  14. An international coffee club subscription.
  15. Miniature indoor golf green.
  16. Russ & Daughters New York Brunch.
  17. A retro tie-dye kit.
  18. A family tree poster.
  19. Zip lining/bungee jumping experiences.

The holidays come only once a year (thankfully) and with all of the events of late, virtually everyone could use a little seasonal cheer this year. A few of the ones on your shopping list, especially children, are almost always easy to please but for those that are either a little more difficult or that you just want to do something special for, hopefully the 45 unique gift ideas we shared today will help.


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