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Motorcycle Classification: Key Differences and Types

A clear division of motorcycles into types does not exist. It is also difficult to name all the types of motorcycles. However,  one can find out why this type of vehicle has a rather extensive classification and what has become the starting point of today’s conventional classification.

If you have decided to buy a motorcycle, but do not know how to start, we advise you to read our review. We will outline the design features and technical characteristics of different types of motorcycles. Together we will figure out why after making a comprehensive motorcycle VIN check, a certain vehicle should be purchased.

What Types of Motorcycles Exist Today

With the emergence of design schools in the United States, England, Germany, and Italy, motorcycles began to be ranked into groups. The main classification – on-road and off-road – remains the same. With the beginning of moto racing, various types of sports motorcycles appeared. The modern classification of motorcycles ranks them by purpose, weight, size of the engine, control method, number of wheels, etc. Let’s go over the main types of modern motorcycles:

1. Road (universal) type

Road or universal bikes are adapted for city driving and short distances on the highway. However, calling a certain motorcycle “classic” is a controversial topic. For example, BMW has introduced the term “roadster” into the designation of its road motorcycle models. For several years now, many specialized publications have been using this definition. There are several subtypes of road motorcycles:

  • classic;
  • naked;
  • bobber;
  • roadster;
  • cafe-racer;
  • scrambler;
  • cruiser;
  • chopper;
  • power cruiser, etc.

2. Racing type

For the first time, motorsport competitions were organized in 1894. From this period, the classification of motorcycles into civil and racing appeared. These bikes were made for competitions, so they are not very comfortable to ride. Therefore, if you need a bike for everyday driving on city roads, this is not your option. It is better to consider the purchase of a streetfighter – it will appeal to someone who wants to add some adrenaline into life, but at the same time is tied to an urban area.

Motorcycle Classification: Key Differences and Types

3. Tourers

Tourers are very comfortable and expensive. Such models have appeared relatively recently – as soon as amateurs became interested in comfortable motor vehicles with many functions. This is an ideal transport for trips. Manufacturers focus on comfort, safety, removing the emphasis on speed and maneuverability. On such a bike, you can comfortably ride up to 600 miles per day.

4. Off-road type

Compared to road vehicles, their design is simplified, they have powerful wheels, and a lightweight frame. They are equipped with off-road tires to ensure excellent traction on the dirt road. There are also several types of such vehicles:

  • motocross;
  • enduro;
  • rally;
  • dual sport;
  • trial;
  • track racing.

5. Custom type

Custom means a non-serial motorcycle that was created in a single copy. Custom models were born at the same time as classic models. It is impossible to accurately designate the types and characteristics of such vehicles because this group includes all motorcycles that are not produced serially.

When choosing a motorcycle, the first thing to consider is your riding experience. Select the vehicle wisely and enjoy!

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